Inventory - ОсОО Бухгалтерия Аудит Инновации


Inventory is one of the most popular services, the need for which arises both for large and small organizations. Our company has a sufficient staff of specialists who possess the necessary skills, knowledge and skills to carry out this set of works efficiently and on time for any types of assets and obligations of the customer. Our company owns the methods, complies with the instructions and legislative norms when performing inventory services.

An inventory is a reconciliation of the actual assets and liabilities of an enterprise with accounting data. Today it is the most reliable way to determine the quality and organization of accounting, the integrity of materially responsible persons and the effectiveness of control procedures, since it allows you to determine in fact the property specified in accounting registers and documents, including materials, values, financial instruments, receivables and payables debt, etc.

The inventory service procedure mainly pursues the following objectives:

  • identification of inventories that are unused or used for other purposes, accounting objects or have lost their original properties;
  • ensuring the safety of the organization’s property;
  • control over the actual value of inventory objects;
  • the actual state and availability of inventory objects at a specific point in time.

When is the inventory taken?

Law No. 76 of April 29, 2002, “On Accounting,” requires an inventory. Inventory is carried out:

  • upon transfer of property for rent, redemption, sale, as well as during the transformation of a state or municipal unitary enterprise;
  • before preparing the annual financial statements;
  • when changing financially responsible persons;
  • upon detection of theft, abuse or damage to property;
  • in case of natural disaster, fire or other emergency situations caused by extreme conditions;
  • upon reorganization or liquidation of an organization.

Our company will help you organize the inventory service, evaluate the completeness and sequence of its implementation, if necessary, develop appropriate instructions and methodologies, provide support for their implementation.

We specialize in conducting extraordinary inventories of certain types of assets and customer obligations, such as:

  • inventory of fixed assets;
  • inventory of inventories;
  • an inventory of property during the reorganization, liquidation, sale of a company or an inventory during bankruptcy.

A professional team of specialists will carry out all the necessary work promptly, efficiently and on time. Our specialists will reliably and accurately determine the actual availability of funds in accounts, storage and operating conditions of material assets, the amount and current status of receivables and obligations of the company to creditors.

We will collect all the data together, process and provide you in the form that is necessary and accessible for reading and understanding. In addition, you will receive our recommendations for improving and modernizing control and accounting. If you need an inventory service, then you are unlikely to find a more profitable and convenient contractor than our company.

Accounting Examination and Audit for Law Enforcement Agencies

We provide accounting expertise when organizations and other interested parties turn to law enforcement agencies to resolve conflicts and other issues. Based on the results, an expert report is provided and, if necessary, the expert is present in court.