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Audit of reports prepared in accordance with special rules

Our company has been providing customers with audit of reports compiled according to special rules for more than 10 years.

  • to prepare consolidated statements of your parent company, you must provide it with an audited set of financial information;
  • you doubt the correctness of tax reporting, and you need an independent opinion;
  • the terms of your company’s contract with a third party provide for reporting according to special rules;
  • you need cash-based reporting (income and expenses are recognized at the time of payment);
  • you have a duty to submit to the counterparty or inspection bodies a report confirmed by an independent auditor on the costs incurred under the contract;
  • you need an audit report regarding a different type of reporting prepared in accordance with special rules.

We will provide you with services in full accordance with your tasks.

Within the agreed procedures, our specialists:

  • identify risk situations and possible violations of the law;
  • confirm the correctness of reporting;
  • confirm the correctness of the valuation of assets, liabilities and equity;

they will prevent errors and give recommendations on correcting already committed violations.