Voluntary audit - ОсОО Бухгалтерия Аудит Инновации

Voluntary audit

A voluntary audit is a type of audit that is not carried out as required by law or regulation, but solely at the request of the business owner or executive body of the organization. With the development of the level of management and financial literacy, the voluntary audit service is becoming more and more relevant, as its result meets the expectations of the customer, makes it possible to make the right and profitable management decisions. Today, such a service is in demand by organizations of any form of ownership, with any turnover and assets operating in various fields of activity.

In what cases do you need a voluntary audit service?

An voluntary audit service is necessary if your company is undergoing a period of restructuring, a change in top management, a reorganization of the accounting or tax departments, and serious personnel changes. It can be carried out by order of investors or creditors of the organization in order to obtain from an independent person reasonable data on the current state and position of the organization, business prospects. Many organizations conduct it on a regular basis to obtain consistent and relevant information about the processes taking place in their economic and financial life.

What is included in the initiative audit service

We propose to use the voluntary audit service, since at the same time you identify the risks associated with the activities of your organization, you will receive:

  • analysis of the timeliness, qualification and correctness of reflection in the registers of accounting and tax accounting of the operations of the economic life of your organization and their documentation;
  • an assessment of the significant financial and tax risks that already exist or may be awaiting your organization;
  • verification and evaluation of procedures that affect internal quality and efficiency control;
  • a description of the identified accidental/malicious violations, cases of fraud, theft or preconditions for their commission, weaknesses of the organization, business processes;
  • real and reliable information about the economic life of the organization.

What is it for?

An audit allows a sober and unbiased look at the financial activities of the company. The result of an voluntary audit will provide an opportunity to make more productive decisions on the reorganization of the company, making changes to its structure, and changing key managers. The professional opinion of an independent expert will allow the business owner or his executive body to obtain information on the activities of the organization in figures and facts.

Voluntary audit allows you to keep and control the organization’s business in an operational and tonic mode. The real prospect of a regular and independent review is a good motivator for the organization’s employees.

The result of the voluntary audit carried out by our company is not just a set of numbers and indicators, but also a detailed, detailed report with a statement of the violations identified, a description of the situation in the organization, and detailed and reasonable recommendations. Thus, you can use our report as a kind of guide to action and a plan for overcoming problematic situations.

The results of an independent and relevant audit of the organization are now becoming increasingly important conditions for the conclusion of key and important agreements.

Qualitative and timely analysis not only allows you to maintain the current relationship of the business owner with the current state of the business itself, but also provides the organization with a number of new opportunities.

For our part, we are pleased to offer you extensive experience in conducting an voluntary audit, the highest qualifications of our specialists, knowledge of the specifics of individual industries, an up-to-date understanding of current trends and verification technologies, the utmost correctness and fairness of estimates.

Tax risks analysis

If your organization is preparing for a tax audit, if you doubt the correctness of the chosen tax accounting policy, are considering a new project with the attraction of investments or expanding your business, then we are ready to offer you a tax audit, which includes a comprehensive examination of tax risks.

In the process of identifying and assessing tax risks, the specialists of our company:

  • conduct a preliminary assessment of the taxation system existing in the organization;
  • make a general analysis with consideration of individual elements of the taxation system;
  • identify the main factors affecting the tax burden;
  • check the methods of calculating tax bases and payments;
  • conduct legal and tax examination (audit) of the existing system of economic relations;
  • evaluate document flow, examine the functions and powers of the services responsible for calculating and paying taxes, and provide relevant recommendations;
  • make a preliminary calculation of the tax indicators of the company;
  • check the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes and fees.

As a result of our examination (audit) of tax risks, we will provide you with written information (expert report), which without fail will include:

  • a description of the tax accounting areas we have analyzed;
  • conclusions on compliance of the tax code with the procedure for calculating tax bases, calculating the amounts of taxes and fees payable in accordance with the norms established by law;
  • a list of revealed violations of tax legislation and risk situations (risks associated with operations and facilities, the taxation of which is ambiguously interpreted by the legislation, for which there has been a contradictory judicial practice or dual explanations of authorized bodies have been issued);
  • recommendations on correcting identified errors and preventing possible claims and penalties, including in relation to risk situations and violations of the legislation on taxes and fees;
  • recommendations on minimizing tax risks, provided that the provisions of tax legislation are strictly observed.