About the company - ОсОО Бухгалтерия Аудит Инновации

About the company

LLC “Accounting Audit Innovation” (BAI) was founded on January 12, 2008, by Begmatova Kairgul Sharshekeevna, a professional with experience in accounting for companies from various fields and scales. Her experience allowed us to scale up our activities by hiring and training the next generation of specialists who can quickly master the necessary skills and are more susceptible to innovations, therefore the word “Innovation” was included in the name of our company. September 28, 2010, was a significant date in the formation of the company since from that moment BAI received a license for audit activities.

BAI is intensely engaged in continuing education for employees who confirm this by obtaining certificates in their field. The staff has 12 specialists, including 3 certified auditors, specialists with CAP certificates, a specialist with an international certificate of DipIFR, specialists in the state. procurement, as well as tax law specialists. The advantage of our company is the presence in the state of a sufficient number of qualified specialists.

BAI is listed in FIVE of the best audit organizations according to the latest rating assessment of the activities of audit organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic.

BAI has 40 permanent clients of accounting services, including wholesale and retail companies, mining and industrial enterprises, manufacturing companies, non-profit organizations and service companies, many of which have been cooperating with BAI for more than 10 years.