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Our experience and excellent team of
specialists guarantee the reliable cooperation.
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Our purpose is your success
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Important in all not the quantity but quality throughout.
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Save your time and money and trust the job to professionals.

| About company

“Accounting Audit Innovation” LLC  is one the leading, independent outsourcing companies in Kyrgyzstan, with its history and established traditions.
We provide services supporting the business which let you increase the efficiency of your business, because you can concentrate your actions on primary business itself and delegate the supporting functions such as accounting to our professionals.
The specialization of our company is providing the accounting services in frame of outsourcing conditions – as keeping an accountancy of small firms as well as big enterprises, which is striving to transform its knowledge and experience in real advantage for our clients. Our company deals with auditing as well. (License of series A№ 0043)
Our shared values are timeless. They present by themselves a brief description of basic principles distinguishing the corporate culture of “Accounting Audit Innovation” LLC.


We ensured nothing can be more important than our reputation and therefore the adherence to the highest standards of good faith job is the distinctive feature of company. We stick to the principles of sustainable development and responsibility during the process of conducting the business.

Exceptional value of services provided for clients and markets

We play an important role in increasing the efficiency of capital markets activity as well as our client’s firms-members. It is a big honor for us, and we understand that fulfillment of this goal requires us constant vigilance and permanent execution of taken liabilities.

Team spirit

We believe in that the culture of our interaction and collaboration which don’t have borders is our comparative advantage and we perform all for its development and maintenance. We commit improbable to support our employees.

Applying advantages of  cultural diversity

The clients of our firms-partners face with different business obstacles the decision of which requires all-round thinking. We are convinced thanks to working with people who are from different cultures with different experience and ways of thinking our employees improve their professional and leadership qualities.