Healthy financial condition of the enterprise is an essential condition for its continued and effective functioning. To achieve it, it is necessary to ensure the continued solvency of the company, the high liquidity of its balance sheet, financial independence and high efficiency management.

In conditions of high market saturation of goods offered, its supply exceed over demand each enterprise in a market economy condition has to wage a tough fight for consumer preferences. Multiple enterprises offer the same or different methods or techniques at the same time to satisfy the same one need of a consumer on the equal or slightly varying price conditions. In this situation the preference is given to those goods or services which in the marketing identified as competitive. Flexible organizations faster react on slight changes of the market and adjust to its requirements thereby remain competitive. Significant role is played by the interaction of the structural units; the than the coherence and effective of all work units of the enterprise, the faster it is able to adapt to changes in the environment. Significant role is played by the interaction of structural units, the cohesive and effective all the units of enterprise work the sooner it can be able to adjust to changes of the external environment.

The purpose of the work comprised in development of accurate action plan for improvement of the financial interaction of the structure unions of an enterprise. At the present day in world and in our practice a big experience of successful business decisions and proposals are accumulated, where the basic concept is an idea which is new, interesting and different from other ones. In the current business environment not only the financial aspect of the project is going to the forefront, but also its degree of novelty.

For your attention we present new types of services:


The main directions of crisis management at the level of the economic entity are considered constant monitoring of economic and financial condition of the company, the development of protocols to ensure the integrity of information flows in the company, the development of new administrative, financial and marketing strategies, reduction of fixed and variable costs, increasing productivity, attracting funds of the founders; increasing motivation of the stuff.

Measures of regional or state-level adjustments include financial, economic, social, scientific, technical, investment, and foreign policy, identification and prediction of internal and external threats to economic stability, the development of complex operational and strategic measures to overcome the negative factors, the strengthening of control, enforcement, and compliance legislation.

What does it presents like?

Introductory service:

  • Survey of a customer
  • Diagnostics of a functioning business

The basic package of services includes:

  • What company comprises from. Writing an organizational chart. 
  • Defining the purposes of a company
  • What is the product? Description of final Valuable product of a company. 
  • Sub-products

Further at the request of manager:

  • Organizing the statistics of a company Формирование статистик компании
  • Booklet of company
  • Job description
  • Communication systems
  • Funds and reserves of a companyСистема коммуникаций
  • Solvency of a company
  • Managerial and accounting cost

AIM: to help the companies to be prospective and entrepreneurs successful in business and life 

Forecasting and strategic planning 

What for is the system of forecasting needed?

At first, the System of forecasting is irreplaceable for Decision making system. It creates the background for system of decision making.

At second the system gives development model of a particular market. Basing on this model it will be possible to settle the purpose and make strategic decisions of development of a company such as: investment, merging-absorption, manufacture and infrastructure new construction objects.

The systems of forecasting are needed for companies when:

  • You don’t have a data for development strategy writing of your company or you are not sure in them;
  • You are not sure in the validity of chosen purpose;
  • You see the purpose but are not sure in strategy correctness of its achievement;
  • How to tie target departments and business units into a single strategic plan that motivates you and your staff to achieve the goal
  • How to ensure a quick and smooth transition from the existing situation to the ideal?
  • How to troubleshoot common situation in many companies like “swan, crayfish and pike” and coordinate the actions of units and individual employees? In the filling stage..

If you do not know where your business is, any road will take you there, do not know where.

What is the strategic plan?

Entrepreneurs and top managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate goal. Therefore, strategic planning is necessary. Strategic plan cannot guarantee success, but without it a business is much more likely to fail.

The strategic plan should be the fulcrum of decision-making:

  • Provide the background for more detailed planning 
  • Explain the concept of a business to all employees in order to inform, motivate and attract
  • Provide assistance during testing and productivity monitoring;
  • Stimulate change and become the foundation for the next plan.


In the process of working with the experts and managers to the consulted organizations management consultants use two fundamentally different approaches: an advisory and social engineering.

  • Advisory approach is to develop thorough and professional recommendations that resulted from the work of the experts involved in the consulting project. 
  • Social- engineering approach involves the use of social technologies , the essence of which is to involve managers and specialists of the consulted in the process of consulting in the design of the future structure of the company, its management, structural and functional schemes, systems and business processes , etc. The involvement of staff in the process of shaping the future can solve many problems associated with the loyalty of employees to the proposed changes. Employees who participated in shaping the future of their company, willingly accept the need for change, and actively participate in shaping the new control system.

The most acute and principled position it is possible to resolve conflicts is just at the stage of a consulting project, even before the introduction. Thus, the use of social technologies significantly increases embeddable consultants’ recommendations. Social technologies – are ways of forming teams of performers and managers, who may exercise the collective activity of a predetermined level of efficiency. One of the forms of social technologies is a reflexive game.

In addressing the current status of work tasks Adviser may be limited or absolute: from analysis of the causes and solutions to the ability to influence a decision or participate in its decision-making and implementation.

It may lie in the general overview of the situation or to develop a detailed, specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-limited action plan. Sometimes the situation may require the personal presence of the consultant directly on the site, for example when negotiating and concluding an agreement. With direct presence in the facility studied the situation on the spot using a “live simulation” and multi-day strategic sessions, during which the development and implementation of management decisions occurs through direct interaction with the personnel of the company. Formation of the draft amendments in this format automatically contributes to its implementation and optimization.

The services of managerial consultants

Work with companies (Business structures) 

  • Increasing the efficiency of a business, the system of management, of a team of managers and specialists.
  • Provision of efficient merging, absorption, restructuring.
  • The analysis of existing business model and optimization 
  • Structuring of business financial model and educating the top managers 
  • Building a financial business model and training of top managers for use of this model to predict the performance of the company.
  • Creation and development of a corporate culture, the system of a stuff motivation 
  • Formation of a team for realization of a business model (for new business projects) Формирование команды для реализации бизнес-модели (для новых бизнес-проектов).
  • Formation and development of business processes system, the system of informational and workflow exchange 
  • Formation of a systematic function of a marketing and its integration into the collective activity of a company
  • Improving the efficiency of the top management, enrichment arsenal management tools.
  • Formation of long-, medium-and short horizons of the company, multivariate modeling of the future, the choice of direction and route development.