Special offers

# Special Offers


1. The reporting in head office (representations) the Ministry of Finance (treasury), in other government agencies and such./1 report, applications pay off separately

2. Reports on grants (depends on the reporting period./From 1000

3. Recovery of the account/by results of examination – 500/1 hour

4. Development of accounting policies/From 5000

5. Development of a template of contracts (on borrowed funds, car rent, rent of rooms …)/200

6. Completion, updating of economic contracts – 500/1 hour

7. Preparation and delivery of the specified reports on fault of the Customer – 500/1 hour

8. Obtaining references from State agencies/500

9. Maintenance when receiving BSO (strict reporting form) with UGKNS (Tax Service Control Administration)/500

10. Receiving BSO (strict reporting form) from UGKNS(Tax Service Control Administration)/1000

11. Formation of primary documents (at partial maintenance, or in the absence of the contract) – 500/1hour

12. Registration / deregistration on the VAT/1000

13. Registration of the KKM/500
*Types of service not entered the list pay off on a rate of 1000 som/1 hour

# One time services

1. The declaration on a profit tax/from 4000

2. Financial statements (Balans+applications)/from 6000

3. Monthly reports (for one report)/500

4. Quarterly reports/2000

5. Submissions of reports (for one sector/rayon)/500

6. Consultations (for 1 hour) /500-2000

**The final cost of the contract is determined by results of examination.